Planning a Summer Home Entertaining Party?

The weather is finally getting warmer so it’s time to think about your summer party at home! Everyone deserves to celebrate since we’ve been cooped up in the winter months. We think there is nothing better than celebrating your special occasions at the comfort of your home. Or if you’re party people like us, you might as well just throw a party without an occasion – just because!


Nothing screams party like GOOD FOOD and great service. Have a Chef at home serve freshly cooked meals for your guests. Have them experience full service catering, private at home. Sit back by the pool and have our staff bring you a glass of cocktail. If you’re thinking of keeping it simple, perhaps just you and your hunny celebrating an anniversary dinner, or an intimate birthday party with your family, even a small graduation celebration, you can forget about the cooking and order our family style meals. Yes, lunch or dinner at your doorstep ready to serve! We understand not all occasions are happy. Funeral receptions have new restrictions and you can’t see your loved ones. Send them a meal to their home if you can’t go see them. Which ever way you choose to entertain at home, we are just one phone call away from helping you assist these special moments.

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