Let's get personnel excited for work this summer!

Oh how the corporate world have evolved! Yes, we know you miss the cheese boards in the meeting rooms and the buffets at the corporate luncheon. Well guess what, you don’t have to miss them that much anymore because we want to bring office catering to you.

Thinking of hosting a virtual meeting? We say yes to virtual meeting catering Toronto and the GTA!

Corporate events can still feel real. How about delivering a meal to all participants joining the call? Maybe add a bottle of wine for after hours too! Company BBQs can still happen. Send a BBQ menu to your employees or better yet, boxed BBQ. In case you haven’t heard, we are number one amongst the best caterers in Toronto! And yes, we are still catering Richmond hill, catering Markham, and catering Vaughan.

You don’t have to wait for the big corporate events to warrant the best catering Toronto.  We still offer corporate catering Toronto, and now we also offer virtual meeting catering Toronto!  And yes we are still catering Richmond hill, catering Markham, and catering Vaughan for all event sizes.

Check out our line up of exciting corporate catering menus by clicking here

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Micro Weddings are the new trend!

Love is in the air… Or maybe, love is in the backyard? We heard you had to drop that 250 people wedding to 25. Now that’s not easy, WE KNOW. Your wedding day is about you and your partner, but no matter how small the party may have to be, you can still make it special at your backyard!

You might have heard; micro wedding is the newest trend. Yes, you guessed it – micro as in small. Small weddings! Whether buffet style, cocktail, or a four-course meal, we can make that happen in your backyard. Your special day is the day you’ve been dreaming of, so your imagination shouldn’t be limited. Tell us what your vision is and we’ll make it work – at your backyard! Maybe an all-white wedding ceremony under a tent, a live jazz band during cocktail hour, or even a dance floor under the stars. Even if you have to keep it small, you and your partner deserve to have big dreams come to life, even in your backyard! In Toronto and GTA, we can come to you.

Peter and Paul’s EventCatering is dedicated to providing all events of different sizes the same exceptional quality because we know better than anyone how much all the little things matter that come together to make your envisioned day perfect!

For the most delicious Backyard Wedding in Toronto, please check out our menus online by clicking here

Please contact us at 905-326-6000 for more details.

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Planning a Summer Home Entertaining Party?

The weather is finally getting warmer so it’s time to think about your summer party at home! Everyone deserves to celebrate since we’ve been cooped up in the winter months. We think there is nothing better than celebrating your special occasions at the comfort of your home. Or if you’re party people like us, you might as well just throw a party without an occasion – just because!


Nothing screams party like GOOD FOOD and great service. Have a Chef at home serve freshly cooked meals for your guests. Have them experience full service catering, private at home. Sit back by the pool and have our staff bring you a glass of cocktail. If you’re thinking of keeping it simple, perhaps just you and your hunny celebrating an anniversary dinner, or an intimate birthday party with your family, even a small graduation celebration, you can forget about the cooking and order our family style meals. Yes, lunch or dinner at your doorstep ready to serve! We understand not all occasions are happy. Funeral receptions have new restrictions and you can’t see your loved ones. Send them a meal to their home if you can’t go see them. Which ever way you choose to entertain at home, we are just one phone call away from helping you assist these special moments.

click here to check out our summer menus.

Contact us at 905-326-6000 for more information.

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